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Finished Edge Flooring

Wood Floors Installed, Sanded, Refinished



Hardwood Floor Repair & Refinishing

Posted on 10 August, 2014 at 20:35

Sometimes "the floor you've been looking for", is already there! Maybe you discovered a once beautiful hardwood floor underneath the carpet you recently removed. Or possibly you’re moving into a fixer upper whose hardwood floors have seen tough use over the years, with scratches, dents, chips, or sun fading. Don’t despair, we can help you repair and refinish your hardwood floor to its former luster and shine, where it will be a centerpiece of your home.

At Finished Edge Flooring, we specialize in bringing back to life those tired, old hardwood floors that are already in your home. Whether repairing and refinishing an old and worn hardwood floor, or giving your home a makeover with a total color change, our high quality floor sanding, floor repair, and floor refinishing process can repair and refinish your floors to "just like new" -while saving you a great deal of money!

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